South-Asia New Energy Series

South Asia New Energy Series 2021

The FTI Consulting-TERI South Asia New Energy Series curated a series of five discussions, covering policy, funding, transport and infrastructure, industry decarbonization, and skills and inclusion, to cover what is an inter-disciplinary and complex set of issues around adoption and scaling up of clean technologies, from renewable, battery technologies and hydrogen, and the linkages critical for creating a clean energy transition pathway to 2030.

Current silos are identified as a key hurdle: a unified approach is recommended, spanning policy design, clean energy funding, supply chain, and the demand side in transport and industrial use cases.

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Supportive Policy and Funding for an Integrated RE-EV-H2 Clean Energy Ecosystem

Decarbonizing Industries and Transport with an Integrated RE-EV-H2 Ecosystem

Towards an integrated RE-EV-H2 clean energy ecosystem

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