Asia Disclosure Index 2023 Report | Comprehensive Insights on Disclosure Practices

Asia Disclosure Index 2023

Unveiling Comprehensive Disclosure Practices Across Asia

An all-encompassing exploration into the disclosure practices of companies across Asia, the Asia Disclosure Index 2023 Report provides detailed insights and sectoral analysis to understand the landscape of corporate disclosure in the region.

Explore in-depth insights into the disclosure practices across Asia, including detailed sections on the India and ASEAN Disclosure Indices. Gain comprehensive insights into disclosure practices across various sectors in Asia. Understand the parameters of Leadership & Governance Quality and Risk Disclosure Quality that are shaping the businesses today. The detailed India and upcoming ASEAN reports offer specific regional perspectives.

Key Highlights

Discover the Pan-Asian Perspective

Grasp the overarching trends and patterns in disclosure practices across the diverse corporate landscape of Asia.

ASEAN Disclosure Index Report

Insights into ASEAN's Corporate Sector: Delve into comprehensive analysis and insights revealing the disclosure practices across ASEAN countries, highlighting sector-specific trends and benchmarks.

India Disclosure Index 2023 Report

In-Depth Analysis of India's corporate sector: Uncover the nuances of disclosure practices within India's leading sectors. The report provides a detailed assessment of sectors including IT/Tech & Telecom, Energy & Natural Resources, among others, showcasing their individual performance and trends.

Why Download the Asia Disclosure Indices?

Gain Insight into Comprehensive Parameters

Explore detailed analyses based on Leadership & Governance Quality and Risk Disclosure Quality parameters. Understand the metrics used for evaluating Asia’s leading companies and how they stand up to scrutiny.

Sector-Wise Analysis

Discover which sectors are leading in disclosure scores and which ones have room for improvement. From IT/Technology & Telecommunications to Consumer Goods, Services & Food, learn about sector-specific challenges and triumphs.

Uncover the Sector Champions

Learn about the companies that are setting industry standards with exemplary disclosure practices. Find out which sectors they belong to and what sets them apart from the rest.

Evaluate Trends and Insights

Get a clearer picture of the trends in disclosure practices among India's leading companies, providing valuable insights for investors, policymakers, and other stakeholders.

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