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Resilience Barometer 2022

The events of the past two years, including a global pandemic, the climate crisis, and social, political and financial upheaval, have presented businesses, our communities and each of us with new challenges and new opportunities. This edition of our Resilience Barometer® series explores these new challenges and opportunities. From embracing digital transformation, to proactively advancing and assessing ESG and sustainability risk, compliance and investment – G20 corporations have no shortage of bet-the-company issues to grapple with. 

Disruption is now a regular occurrence, we must adapt to new realities while maintaining the discipline and resilience to build sustainable businesses – businesses that can grow and thrive regardless of external headwinds. The most successful organisations – the most resilient organisations – will tackle this uncertainty with frameworks, initiatives and innovations designed to anticipate what’s next. Part II of the January 2022 Barometer looks at C-suite concerns beyond the boardroom.
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